Wednesday, 3 September 2008

With Nigerian Love from Uppsala

I am Tolu Ogunlesi.
I am originally from Nigeria, and I still am.
I am on Facebook.
In my spare time I write.
I am in Uppsala for 3 months to write, guest of the Nordic Africa Institute. [In other words my next 3 months are spare time]
I arrived straight from crazy Lagos into cold Uppsala two days ago; Uppsala where the weather is cold and the people are warm.

I changed my email signature yesterday to reflect my new status:

Tolu Ogunlesi
Guest Writer
Nordic Africa Institute
Kungsgatan 38, SE-753 21
Uppsala, Sweden

This will be a record of whats and what-nots, muses and musings, travellings and trifling thoughts. Everything and nothing. The only thing(s) I have sworn off are footnotes.

This is not my first incarnation as a blogger. I have been, now I am again:

And I have a photoblog as well:

I am a wandering seed of a dead blacksmith, that's what I am (apart from a pharmacist and writer that is).

1 comment:

Woomie O! said...

I'm F.I.R.S.T!!!!...
Please tell me I'm first!
No comment moderation deceit!
Welcome back!!!
Seeing as you have little or nothing to do in Uppsala I hope you'll do your blog rounds!!!
Once again, welcome back!