Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Göteborg - International Book Fair

The Göteborg International Book Fair, the largest in Scandinavia, kick off tomorrow. It's past midnight, and I've got a train(s) to catch to Goteborg at 7 in the morning, and I have to sleep and ...

I arrived from Oslo less than an hour ago (around midnight Wednesday), but I just had to check my email and see what's been going on on the internet behind my back... 24 hours away feels like an eternity

PS. My head and notebook and camera feel like they want to burst under the weight of Oslo's Experience... I've convinced myself that one day I shall buy a home in that city...

My Göteborg Itinerary

From 13.30 - 13.50 on Thursday 25 Sept I will read from my poetry and have a discussion on POETRY with Mai Palmberg.

On Friday 26 Sept, from 10.00 - 10.30 I will be speaking on the theme 'WE HAVE TO WRITE OUR OWN STORIES'. This will be as part of the Internationella Torgets (International Square) programme of the Book Fair

The Seminars programme is available here

About the Göteborg Book Fair
25–28 September 2008 are the dates for Göteborg Book Fair 2008, at the Swedish Exhibition Centre in Göteborg. With over 100,000 visitors this is the largest cultural event in the Nordic region.

Scandinavia and the world meet in Göteborg
The Göteborg Book Fair is the best place to get an overview of the literature from the Scandinavian countries. You will also meet many of the world's most prominent intellectuals who come here to discuss, debate and voice their opinions.

Latvia in focus
This year, Latvia will be the theme country. 24 authors, politicians, historians, translators and many more are taking part in the seminar programme. Take the opportunity to learn more about our Baltic neighbour! The spectacular Latvian stand offers an extensive programme. Latvian music, photography and art vill be at the forefront of events in the city of Göteborg.

-The esthetics of resistance during the Soviet era has evolved into the esthetics of freedom after the restoration of independence. Writers are no longer the spokesmen for their people, but rather individual voices, says Juris Kronbergs, poet, translator and project co-ordinator.

Seminar programme of international class
This year you will also have the opportunity to hear voices from Romania and India. Read more about all the participants in the seminar programme.

The seminar programme contains 442 seminars of which 60 will be held in other languages than the Scandinavian.

Welcome to meet Nobel Prize candidates, well known writers, new names and many other interesting participants at the 24th Göteborg Book Fair!

Book Fair website here

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