Friday, 16 January 2009

New Blog @ NEXT

Happy Nu Yr!

Breaking News: This writer has now officially moved! :-)

It's been a pleasure hovering around, eavesdropping on the 'meeting' between Fela and Abba...

I'm now blogging at NEXT

NEXT is the exciting new paper from Nigeria, published by the Pulitzer-winning journalist Dele Olojede, the first African-born winner of the Prize. Read about NEXT's launch here

I'll be writing a weekly blog for NEXT's website.

Tolu Ogunlesi NEXT Blog 5 - You're invited to my party
Tolu Ogunlesi NEXT Blog 4
- Song of a goat
Tolu Ogunlesi NEXT Blog 3 - The melanin-spangled banner
Tolu Ogunlesi NEXT Blog 2
- National distraction commission
Tolu Ogunlesi NEXT Blog 1
- H.O.P.E Alliance


Woomie O! said...

you just got tagged!!!!!!!!!!

visit my blog for more details.
feel free to leave ur comments!

Anonymous said...

It is interested very much.
Please link to this site.

SMC said...

Congrats on your Shortlist for the SA PEN/Studzinski Award Tolu.


congrats! off to check it out and happy bday btw!