Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Images from Oslo - Viking Ship Museum

All images (c) Tolu Ogunlesi, 2008

All images (c) Tolu Ogunlesi, 2008


Woomie O! said...

I'm soooo jealous. I so want to see a Viking Ship!
Did you know that the Asians and British traveled long distances, sometimes transcontinental in these ships? It's amazing!

TL, the PA thing, i'm holding you to your word soon boss.

rayo said...

woomie, we'll prob have to fyt ova who'll b Tolu's PA so watch out oh. Tolu i'm seriously beefing u, think u can steal d ship nd bring it home just so i can see it. pretty please with whipped cream on top...

Tolu Ogunlesi said...
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Tolu said...

Hey Woomz and Rayo,
This is an easily settlable matter. We'll do what our governors like to do: if there are 10 positions for PA and 20 applicants, instead of playing 'musical chairs', why not simply create 10 new positions to add to the old 10? Then everyone is happy.

PS. Now I'll have to bring TWO ships home... one with whipped cream (for the 'ajebo') and one without (for she-knows-who, LOL!)