Saturday, 25 October 2008

Postcard from Helsinki [3] - Common Sense, Time and Other Stories

I'm blogging because I have decided to stop being foolish and start using my brain a little bit more. Therefore (i.e. in line with this new spirit), this afternoon I went shopping for a wireless USB adaptor for my wireless-less laptop. I got it, not very expensive too (at about 12 Euros), and it's working fine. Means I can browse from the hotel lobby (which is where the wireless connection is).
I wonder why it never occured to me before now to do it that way. In Copenhagen two weeks ago I was forced to use the hotel lobby computer (a Mac, which I had never used in my life, and which was so unfamiliar I felt like I was handling the controls of a spaceship) - yet there was wireless in the reception, and I had my laptop with me. But no wireless adaptor.
God knows what else I need to get to make my life easier (a credit card, an iPod, a private jet...)
Early tomorrow morning (Sun) the Finns are going to alter their Time. One hour backwards. All clocks must abide by this. This time machine business is getting annoying. Arriving Finland from Sweden on Friday, time changed (one hour forward). I left Stockholm at 1pm, on a one-hour flight (during which the hostess skipped me whilst serving refreshments simply because I had taken a quick nap! Why couldn't she wake me???), and landed in Helsinki at 3pm. Now I am being told that we will go back an hour again.
My solution - I'm not changing any Time. When their minds are made up about what they want the time to be they can let me know! My laptop still bears my Nigerian Time. My phone bears Swedish Time. My hotel room clock bears Finnish Time.

Time as an unsettling Trinity.

Tomorrow, Finnish Time will become Swedish Time.
Very soon, Swedish Time will also go under the knife. What it will emerge as I know not. Not yet.
Miracles still happen. My phone network, which refused to be useful to me in Copenhagen and Oslo ("emergency calls only"), has come alive in Helsinki. One moment I was cut off in a strange city, without internet access and a working mobile, the next moment I emerged (seamlessly) in the 'flat' world, a world where my passport does not matter, neither does my accent :-)
I am in touch. Again.
That includes Facebook! Damn it!

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